Doing business in the countries of the former Soviet Union requires a thorough understanding of the public and policy landscape, as well as an ability to navigate and at times, impact it. This landscape is complex and constantly changing. It includes state policies and programs at the national and local level, positions and agendas of key players ranging from state officials to executives of state companies, to non-governmental organizations, to private companies and influential individuals, as well as economic and geopolitical shifts beyond national control. A key factor is relative lack of institutions, making the environment less predictable and understandable compared to North America or Western Europe. To be successful in this environment, companies need to find ways to align their business objectives and “value propositions” with societal and government expectations, choose their allies wisely yet possess their own voice and public image.

Nexus Eurasia helps clients to deal with these challenges and effectively utilize unique opportunities that exist in the region. We work with business executives to integrate and leverage communications into the business decision-making and management, to maintain, protect and enhance their “license to operate” in a particular market. We develop and execute tailor-made strategies which employ a combination of:

  • Strategic communications
  • Government relations
  • Media relations
  • Public affairs
  • Corporate Citizenship and Social Responsibility
  • Executive positioning
  • Reputation management
  • Crisis communications